new modern cashew processing plant 2022

What is the New Modern Cashew Processing Plant 2022?

Currently, to process cashew kernels from raw cashew nuts, factories need processing time from 3-4 days, so it is very difficult to fully automate cashew nut processing factories. So,the world’s Most Modern Cashew Processing Plant is high automatic cashew processing plant, each cashew process is connecting automatic by bucket conveyor or storage silos and combine with some machine as cashew color sorter … to minized labour in process

Process of New Modern Cashew Processing Plant 2022 :

Automatic cashew cleaning and sorting system , Automatic cashew steaming system, automatic cashew cooling system, automatic cashew shelling separating system and cashew tray filling system,  whole there process is linked by bucket conveyor and storage silos into automatic cashew processing system, helps to up to 50% off labour in cashew processing factory.

In the above systems , cashew steaming process and cashew shelling process are the stages that determine 99% of the factory’s efficiency, all these stages are applied by us with the latest cashew technologies to help increase the uniformity after steaming and easy to shelling and scooping after shelling process.

In cashew drying and humidification process: Currently this process is the most time consuming part of the treatment process, we have tried many drying technologies in this process such as static drying is still the most effective technology, there are a few supplier using conveyor belt drying technology, still not as good as static drying technology.

Cashew peeling and grading process: In this process we are use in bucket conveyors to connect automatic cashew peeling machine with high capacity 400-500 kg/hour, broken rate lower than 5% and unpeeled lower than 8 %, and cashew color sorter, roller grading machine and working conveyor belt to a minimum of workers in the factories.

cashew kernel grading process : it is is a mandatory step because cashew nuts with many different shapes cannot be processed by machines, the remaining 5-10% after peeling and grading must be used labour to process and grading depend on quality of market. With grading size of cashew kernel must be combination of cashew color sorter, whole kernel grading machine and broken kernel grading machine and after use labour make depend of market.

Cashew kernel packing & finished process: This stage is the final inspection stage before packaging and preserving to market, the finished cashews must go through microwave sterilization or put disinfectant in the sterilization rooms, then be brought to the market. Into the preservation packaging system, the process incorporates machines such as the packing system, dust extraction, impurity removal with x-ray detectors, metal detectors, and inert gas injection for preservation.

The MEKONG TECH GROUP are  specialized in designing and manufacturing synchronous , transfer complete turnkeys for  New Modern Cashew Processing Plant 2022, now we have exported to many factories with a capacity of 10-100 tons in India, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Senegal , Burkina faso, Gunie Bissau, Tanzania, Mozambique …


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