Cashew shell oil filtering system


Cashew shell oil filtering system is used after cashew shell pressing machine, filtering dust small cashew shell mix in Raw cashew nut shell liquid to preparing for CNSL refining system.

Advanged Features:

This Cashew shell oil filtering system is designed by MEKONG TECH GROUP underground and built on site to help customers save costs to the maximum or floating tank system depend on requirements customer.

Cashew shell oil filtering system  is Equipped with a filter system with a mesh filter and filter centrifugal machine to remove up to 98% of the dirt mixed in raw CNSL, ensuring the quality of the oil before it is pumped through the cooking oil system.

The filter system combined with the cooling system contains the cooling system to save raw material costs.

Easy connecting with CNSL pressing machine,  CNSL refining system and Cardanol processing system.



Cashew shell oil filtering system big capacity upto 100 ton/day, saving costs, eco friendly