CARDANOL processing plant new model mekong-2022 big capacity


Cardanol processing plant is used processing  Phenolic and cardanol from cashew shell, high performance 50-60 % from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), MEKONG TECH GROUP manufactured and transfer complete turnkey Cardanol processing plant

Process flow chart

Processing: Cashew shell – Pressing – Filting – Refined CNSL (CNSL processing machine) – Refined CARDANOL

Advanged Feature:

CARDANOL processing plant with high automatic from cashew shell pressing machine to Raw cashew nut shell liquid Filting system, CNSL refining system, to Cardanol refining system.

Cardanol refining system with high performance 40-70% from CNSL depend on color grader.

 Whole is manufacture by MEKONG MACHINE with frame by Painting steel, Eletric components, mechanic main parts is imported from Japan, Germany Taiwan, China with CE standard


Input capacity: 20-100 ton/cashew shell per day

Power: 80 kw/hour, 3phase, 380 V

Installing area: 1000 -2000 m2

CARDANOL processing plant new model mekong-2022 big capacity