Automatic cashew nut packing machine


Automatic cashew nut packing machine is working as whole weighing packing system is mainly consist of vffs form fill seal packing machine and multihead weigher, suitable for cashew nut which require high speed, high accuracy and long time stablely running.

Advanged Features:

Equiped PLC controlled ensuring superior bag forming accuracy. Micro-computer weighing system ensures accurate filling. This unit can be equipped with one or two sets of the computerized weighing devices depending on the product to be packed and the packing speed with Panasonic PLC control system, human-machine touch screen easy for operation.

Automatic Cashew nut Packing Machine is Equiped Photo-cell controlled Printing Points Tracing System ensures extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting performances.

The sealing and cutting operations are air cylinder activated for fast, highly efficient operations. The air cylinder components are high quality Japanese and German imports.

Automatic Cashew nut Packing Machine is full automatic from weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and packaging bag

Suitable for more kind bag type as four sides seal, stand bag, fillow bag wih hole, gusset

Convenient package size & packing speed are adjustable. Adjustment can be made while the machine is running

Product out-feeding can be furnished with an standard outfeed conveyor for convenient product collection.

Automatic Cashew nut Packing Machine is designed specially for processing and packing cashew kernel, but can be applicable packing products: Powders, granules, tablets… etc… such as sugar, salt, tea, beans, medicine, health foods, various snacks.

Automatic Cashew kernel Packing Machine is  Compatible  packing materials as Poly-Cello, PET+PE+Aluminum , Foil+PE,OPP+PE, Aluminum Foii+PE and other heat sealable materials, capable of making different bag types, like pillow bag, gusset bag, quad seal stand up bag, etc.

Easy to change the bag former in minute for different bag size without complicated process.

With double servo motors ,this machine is able to achieve accurate positioning, fast smoothly speed ,smoothly and stability running.

With auto alarm protection function, to minimize the loss.

Automatical process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag making, printing.

Food grade stainless steel 304, safe and durable.

Easy to operate and maintain,only need one worker.

High packing speed, up to 80 bags per minute.

With 4 temperature controllers.Each heating block is controlled with individual  temperature controller to acheive higher temperature stability.

Automatic cashew nut packing machine is ordered by MEKONG TECH GROUP, specially designed for packaging cashew nut products, against salt corrosion, against grain breakage when packing, easy to integrate and connect to cashew nut vacuum fryers, continous cashew nut frying machine,  metal detectors. a fully automatic fried cashew nut processing line line or automatic roasted cashew nut processing line line 





Bag sizes

L 80-400mm W 80-250mm

L 100-480mm W 150-350mm

Packing speed



Measuring range



Packing material




6-8kgf/cm2, 0.15 m3 /min

6-8kgf/cm2, 0.15 m3 /min

Power and voltage

AC380V, three phase, 50-60HZ, 5KW

AC380V, three phase, 50-60HZ, 5.75KW

Automatic cashew nut packing machine high quality and capacity 60 bag/min