Cashew shell pressing machine


Cashew shell pressing machine is pressing cashew shell to process cashew nut shell oil (CNSL), high capacity upto 1,5 ton per hour each machine and high performace, one ton Cashew shell  can take 200 kg raw CNSL

Advanged Features.

Cashew shell pressing machine also known as oil screw press machine or cashew shell oil expeller, Mekong Tech Group is leading in manufactured Cashew shell oil press machine, we specially designed cashew cashew shell, with MEKONG cashew shell oil press has a high efficiency rate of finished oil pressed for 1 ton. cashew machine have high performace 200 kg oil for one ton cashew shell, with capacity 1.2-2 ton cashew shell per hour, depending on the requirements of each CNSL processing factory.

The main equipment part of the machine is screw system, it is designed and manufactured specifically for anti-corrosion and high-strength cashew shells.

The main equipment such as gear motor, imported from Japan and Taiwan.

The electric control system is designed with 2 automatic and manual modes, easy for the operator,  electric component is made by MEKONG TECH GROUP in Vietnam or imported Taiwan, France are equipped with inverters depending on customer requirements.

The machine can run as a stand-alone machine with small capacity or connect to automatic feeder and automatic screw feeder, connect to oil filtration system, oil centrifuge, and automatic oil cooking or refining system and cardanol refining system .


Capacity: 1.2-1.5 ton/hour

Power source: 50 Hp, 380 V, 3 phase, 5- hz

Dimension: 2,400 x 1,200 x 2500 mm

Cashew shell pressing machine, new model high capacity 1.5 ton/hour, good performance 200 kg CNSL per ton