Cashew kernel fumigation system


New Cashew kernel fumigation system is designed for cashew processing plant, this system is used Low Oxygen fumigation method, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) method that uses Nitrogen to control O2 concentration in closed rooms, combined with temperature and humidity control (optional). ; is a completely organic method instead of chemicals and has been widely used all over the world. This fumigation system is non-toxic to humans and the environment, does not have chemical residues after fumigation and minimizes the survival of insects in the product.Cashew kernel fumigation 

Technical principle:

New Cashew kernel fumigation system is based on Controlled Atmosphere (Oxy-Low) principle: no oxygen – no life, the system includes controlling machine and gastight structures (rooms or container) to create a very low oxygen in combine with controlled temperature and humidity environment which enable to kill 100% insects at all stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

Advanged Features: 

The New Cashew kernel fumigation system is specially designed for the cashew nut processing industry, not toxic to humans and the environment, does not have chemical residues after fumigation and minimizes the survival of insects in the product.

Cashew organic fumigation system have  highly customized, depend on capacity of each cashew processing plant and customer and available space, the design of the Cashew Fumigation room can be tailored made to maximize effective capacity, be easier handling and less energy consumption. Room also with double door is for one way product process flow and prevents cross contamination.

Organic fumigation system is capable of completely destroying insects, larvae and eggs; effectively prevent re-infection after fumigation, non-toxic to humans and the environment, no chemical residue after fumigation, no change in product quality, odor, color, suitable for a variety of products: cashews, rice, tobacco, nuts, etc., meeting the most stringent regulations on sterilization, including those on organic food supply.

help users to be fully active in operating the system to control insects and not depend on third parties or chemical supply.

With an energy-saving heating system and intelligent heat regeneration, the system will help reduce investment costs in electrical infrastructure and reduce operating costs, helping to shorten the payback period on investment.

The current fumigation system is designed in the form of a room, the fumigation rooms can contain a large amount depending on the productivity of the plant, this is the most airtight and convenient system for fumigation;

Conventional fumigation rooms are installed from insulated panels and are treated with special air-tightness with specialized equipment and materials. In some cases, fumigation rooms can be renovated from conventional chemical fumigation rooms. However, the chemical fumigation room must meet the basic structural requirements designed by the technical team of MEKONG TECH GROUP.

Fumigated products can be packed in many different types of packaging: trays, PP bags (without PE film inside), fiber woven bags, cartons;

The system follows European standards and is suitable for each local product’s characteristics to optimize usage efficiency, investment costs and operating costs;

 The system is designed for fully automated process operation and can be monitored, controlled and provided with remote technical support;

 With an experienced technical team in Vietnam, we are confident to provide timely support in the shortest time if there is a technical problem;

This fumigation system has been used extensively for cashew nut processing plants all over the world

Cashew kernel fumigation system new eco-friendly organic sterilization technology, big capacity 30 ton per day