Automatic Small cashew processing plant


Automatic Small cashew processing plant with input capacity: 1-8 ton raw cashew nut per day (RCN), 300 – 2000 ton per year, suitable for family, with labour 10-50 person, This cashew processing factory is designed by Mekong Tech Group for small scale cooperatives and families, have complete cashew process as one stardard cashew processing plant 10TPD

  1. Process flow chart:
Work Flow of Automatic Small cashew processing plant : Raw Cashew Nut Grading machine ->  cashew cooking machine -> cashew cooling machine ->  cashew Shelling machine – >  cashew Separating machine -> Cashew Drying machine ->  Cashew humificating machine – > cashew peeling machine -> Cashew Kernel Grading machine –  Vacuum Packaging  machine.

Detail of cashew machine in Automatic cashew processing plant 1TPD as following: 

  1. Raw cashew nut grading machine is is equiped sorted drum with lenght 5m that can be classified into 4 sizes A,BC and C respectively with diameters of 18,20,22,24mm, the whole machine is operated by a 1hp traction motor. and automatic feeding by bucket elevetor.
  2. Cashew cooking machine is designed as cashew pressure cookers, are burned directly with wood or cashew shells, the quality after cooked the same with quality of raw cahew nut is cooking by steam saturated steam from the boiler
  3. Cashew cooling system is automatic by use silos or use cooling trolley depend on requirement of customer
  4. Cashew Cutting machine is used horizontal cashew shelling machine, model: MEKONG-4H, or  MEKONG-10H with 4 or 6 cutted head. with cashew shell rate: > 95% and broken rate < 5 %, cashew cutting machine can be run independ or linked with Cashew separation machine into one automatic cashew shelling line, help to minizmid labour in process
  5. Cashew separation machine is equiped Vibration sieving machine, air grader, roller grader to separating cashew shell, cashew kernel and uncutted.
  6. Cashew Drying machine have two kind for customer choice, use electric heating drying or steam heating drying. After drying, the cashew nut moisture content is about 5%-7%, suitable for cashew peeling machine
  7. Kernel cooling To bring down the hot temperature under during drying process the kernel cooling process are carried out.
  8. Cashew Peeling machine is used kind Galic peeling machine,  Use the thermo-pneumatic principle to remove and separate the cashew skin. No damage to cashew nuts. It has the characteristics of time-saving, labor-saving, and high efficiency. Dry peeling has no pollution to the environment. The peeling rate is 95-98%. It does not rust and meets the requirements of the food industry.
  9. Cashew kernel grading machine equiped roller grading machine to separating whole cashew kernel with size 320, 240, Ws …
  10. Vacuum cashew packing machine is use packing with small vacuum bag or big vacuum bag depend on requirement of customer

Advantages of Automatic Small cashew processing plant

  • The whole cashew nut processing machine in the Automatic Small cashew processing plant is Applied newest Vietnam cashew technology, the quality of the finished cashew nuts is equivalent to that of the most modern and standard factories.
  • The provide customers with a complete total cashew nut processing solution
  • Low breakage rate, high shell rate and high whole kernel kernel rate.
  • With advanced processing technology, the finished cashew nut is still white in color and high in quality.
  • Cashew kernels are classified on many levels and are classified accurately.
  • Efficient production, saving labor and time.
  • The machine is simple and easy to operate with low investment.

Specication of Automatic Small cashew processing plant

  • Input capacity: 1000 -8000 ton per day (8 hour working)
  • Ouput capacity: 200-2000 kg kernel/day
  • Number of workers: about 8-50 people
  • Power source: 150 kw/hour, 3 phase, 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Installed area plant:  300-1000 square meters
  • Plant configuration: transformer size, plant power distribution cabinet
  • Installation and training: 30 day days, two engineers are required

We manufacture whole cashew machine for cashew processing machine, and supply complete turn-key cashew processing plant with input capacity 1-100 ton per day

Automatic Small cashew processing plant new model 2022