automatic cashew processing plant 20 tpd

Basic Information of Automatic cashew processing plant 20 TPD

Input capacity:  20 TPD

Input capacity: 6,000 TPY

Power (kw/hour): 250 Kw/hour

Power source (V): 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 HZ

Install area (hecta/m2): 1 hecta include: 80 x 40 x 8 m (Building factory); 80 x 40 x 8 m (Ware house); 40 x 40 x 8 m (CNSL factory)

Process flow chart of Automatic cashew processing plant 20 TPD:

Raw cashew nut -> Cleaning -> sorting -> Cooking (Steaming) -> Cooking -> Shelling & separating -> Drying -> Peeling -> grading -> Packing & Finished.

Advantage feature of Automatic cashew processing plant 20 TPD:

Automatic cashew processing plant 20 TPD is designed by MEKONG TECH GROUP with high automatic from cleaning, calibration, steaming, cooling and shelling and separating and filling in tray to preparing drying & humidification process and automatic cashew peeling and grading system.

The Cashew cleaning and calibration system of Automatic cashew processing plant 20 TPD i  is automatic from feeding and sorting with 5 size A+, A, B, C,D suitable with size for cashew shelling process.

Automatic cashew steaming and cooling system is used static cashew cooking machine with two model control manual and  automatic model, is  automatic feeder and discharge.

Automatic cashew shelling and separating system is equipment three automatic cashew shelling line model MEKONG-10H5 and two Automatic cashew shelling line MEKONG-10H1, is linked by one automatic cashew shelling and separating system by bucket conveyor and cashew color sorter and cashew tray filling system and cashew shell grading system, this system helps to separting and grading 98% cashew shell mix in unpeeled cashew kernel, reduce 70 % labour, broken rate lower than 5 % and cashew shelled rate > 95%.

Cashew drying system included three cashew drying machine MEKONG-3000  with big capacity 2500 – 3000 kg/hour,  Heating system is specially designed, saves drying fuel and shortens drying and humidification time, improving the efficiency of cashew peeling process.

Automatic cashew processing plant 25 TPD is used one Cashew humidificating machine is used humidificating by vapour fan and water.

The Cashew peeling system is use automatic cashew peeling machine MEKONG-PL500 with high capacity 500 kg/hour with broken rate lower than 6 % and unpeeled kernel  lower than 8 %, the system is automatic from cashew peeling machine, cashew color sorter, working conveyor belt and roller grading machine.

Cashew packing system is one system with vibration sieving machine, working conveyor belt, X-ray, Metal detector is  linked and automatic with less labour.

Automatic cashew processing plant 20 TPD new Modern factory with input capacity of 6,000 TPY