Automatic cashew processing plant 30 TPD

Basic Information of Automatic cashew processing plant 30 TPD :

Input capacity:  30 TPD

Input capacity: 9,000 TPY

Power (kw/hour): 450 Kw/hour

Power source (V): 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 HZ

Install area (hecta/m2): 2 hecta include: 120 x 50 x 8 m (Building factory); 100 x 40 x 8 m (Ware house); 60 x 40 x 8 m (CNSL factory)

MEKONG TECH GROUP is specialized in manufacturing cashew processing machine and provide complete turkey cashew processing plant input capacity 1-100 ton per day.

Process flow chart of Automatic cashew processing plant 30 TPD:

RCN -> Cleaning & calibration -> Steaming & cooking -> Cooling -> Shelling & Separating -> Drying & Humidification -> Peeling & Grading -> Manual grading -> Packing & finished

Advanced Features of Automatic cashew processing plant 30 TPD:

The cashew processing plant is high automatic from cleaning raw cashew nut to steaming and cooling to cashew shelling process and cashew separating process to filling unpeel cashew in tray and preparing for cashew drying system and cashew peeling system.

Whole cashew machine in cashew peeling & grading process as cashew peeling machine and cashew color sorter, roller grading machine and working conveyor is linked into one automatic cashew peeling system.

It is applied latest Vietnam cashew technology as continous steaming technology and new Automatic cashew shelling line MEKONG-12H with high capacity 2000 kg/hour  used Cashew shelling machine new model MEKONG-12H with 12 blade in one single cashew shelling machine, capacity 300-360 kg/hour per machine.

With Automatic cashew processing plant 30 TPD helps to save 20% labour for operation machine and manual grading compared to other supplier.The ca

Automatic cashew processing plant 30 TPD, high automatic, big input capacity 9,000 TPY