Decription:  Small-scale cashew nut processing plants is suitable for household scale with little labor and small investment cost, The cashew plant have complete cashew machine as one standard cashew processing plant with 10 ton per day.

Cashew process: Raw cashew nut -> cleaning -> cooking -> cooling – > sorting -> shelling & separating -> drying -> Peeling -> Color sorting -> Grading -> Vacuum packing bag


Small scale cashew processing plant is high automatic from Raw cashew nut to Raw cashew nut cleaning machine, cashew cooking machine, raw cashew nut sizes sorting machine, cashew shelling machine to cashew tray filling machine.

All cashew machine in Small scale cashew processing plant is used newest Vietnam cashew technology, easy for customer when to change to big cashew processing plant in future.

The raw cashew nut sizes sorting machine is capacity 400-600 kg/hour, simulated as stardard raw cashew nut sizes sorting machine with dimensions after calibration having four size A, B, C, D compare with cashew shelling machine.

Equipped with a cashew cooking machine with capacity 200-400 kg/batch with pressure, the finished product after steaming is not yellowed , easy shelling and separating in cashew shelling machine

Equiped cashew shelling machine of cashew processing plant with 6-10 cutting head, capacity 120 -250 kg/hour, designed with new model with high performance cashew shell rate > 90% (depend size of raw cashew nut) and Broken < 5%, easy operation and maintance.

finished cashew kernel have good quality as one stardard cashew processing plant, whole process achived stardard for food TCVN 4850:2010, AFI, UNECE (EU), ASEAN Standard 20:2011


  • Capacity: 1-8 ton/day (8 hour working)
  • Power source: 100 Kw/hour, 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Number of labour: 10-50 labour
  • Dimension of plant: 200-1000 m2
  • Number of container: 1-4 container