new cashew shelling machine mk-2022

Decription of New cashew shelling machine MK-2022:

The Model MK-2022 is designed MEKONG TECH GROUP base Vietnam cashew shelling technology  (horizontal cashew shelling machine), with all cashew cutting system is placed horizontal, automatic feeding by mould with one time 10-15 cashew nut enter to cutting and separating.

Advanced features of New cashew shelling machine MK-2022:

This model is designed and manufactured by a team of leading engineers of MEKONG, with 20 years of experience, and are the first to improve and invent and developed horizotal cashew cutting machine with 10-20 blade in each machine, can cutting one time 10-20 nut, input capacity upto 400 kg/hour, is suitable for cashew steaming technology or cashew roasting technology of India, Brasil..

Whole mechanic parts of machine  is processed y CNC machine, high durability,

There are many special features you can find from this model as higher percentage of whole, More butts & splits, Less small pieces, No losses of production, no contamination by CNSL on kernels, No manual labour required.

This machine can be run independent or link more cashew machine into one cashew shelling line with automatic cashew shelling system and Automatic cashew separating system

Specification of New cashew shelling machine MK-2022:

Capacity (kg/hour): 300-380 kg/hour
Power (kw/hour: 0.75 kw
Number of blade: 12 blade
Broken rate: < 3%
Shelled rate:> 95 %
Dimension (mm): 1600 x 1500 x 1600 mm
New cashew shelling machine MK-2022 new modern cashew machine, big capacity 350 kg/hour/machine