About us, MEKONG TECH GROUP is manufacturer cashew machine in Vietnam

MK TECH CO.LTD was established in 2006 and developed into a technology corporation MEKONG TECH GROUP since 2019, MEKONG TECH GROUP is specialized in in investment in research and application of science and technology in production and business.

MEKONG TECH GROUP is a leading machine manufacturer in Vietnam, we manufacture and provide total integrated solutions for machinery and equipment for manufacturing plants in Vietnam and around the world. pre-feasibility solution consulting, Factory establishment construction project management, Turnkey factory setup construction.

MEKONG TECH GROUP has a team of experts, professional engineers and experienced and enthusiastic workers, helping us to manufacture and manufacture the best quality and most efficient machinery and equipment for our customers.

After about 15 years of development, MEKONG TECH GROUP has developed into a mature technology partner in the field of cashew nut processing machine manufacturing, cashew nut processing plant production line, cashew nut factory production line, and related products field.

Cashew nut processing machine is one of our main machines, researched, manufactured and developed by us since our establishment, our machine has been used in almost cashew processing factories in Vietnam and in the world we are one of the members contributing to the research and improvement of this machine. contribute to revolutionizing the cashew industry of Vietnam and the world, when it comes to the field

MEKONG TECH GROUP is a member unit of Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS), working in a group of research and development units in cashew processing technology of Vietnam.

Researching and manufacturing of cashew nut processing machines is one of the main technological machinery products of MEKONG TECH GROUP, which has been researched by MEKONG TECH GROUP since the early days of its establishment, so far we have launched markets almost all types of machines for cashew nut processing factories from cashew nut separators, cashew nut juicers, raw cashew nut processing machinery, cashew kernel processing machine and cashew nut processing machinery, machines for processing cashew by-products such as cashew shell oil pressing machine, cashew shell oil refining system, cardanol processing system.

MEKONG TECH GROUP have 20 years of inquiry and manufacturing cashew processing machinery, have strong collaborators and partners in main market in the world as India, West africa, Brasil, Arabian and Our customer is over 200 customers who are processing factories cashews from small to large in all countries of the world such as India, Brazil, Algeria, Egypt, Tanzania, Mozambique, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Burkina faso, Togo, Ghana …

Since our establishment, our Cashew Processing Machines have been exported to most of the markets such as India, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Colombia, Senegal, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. MEKONG CASHEW MACHINE has become a prestigious brand of cashew machine in the world trusted and used by cashew nut processing factories. We firmly believe that technology and quality are important factors for an enterprise, relying on strong scientific strength, advanced production tools, hard-working and serious attitude can make a company manufacturing company go long and successful.